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Don't fall victim to opportunist burglars


Thames Valley Police have issued the following advice.

Crime Update – Crime Prevention

There have been a further 5 reported burglaries of residents homes across Bracknell in the past week, 2 on the Whitegove estate Warfield, 2 on the Forest Park estate and 1 in Temple Park, Binfield, (close to where 2 previous burglaries happened earlier in the month).

In each case the offenders targeted unoccupied homes, forcing door locks and then making thorough searches of rooms in order to find and steal jewellery. Cash and car keys have also been stolen when they’ve been found but electrical items such as laptops, tablets and smart phones have been ignored.

If you are home in the evenings keep an eye out for your neighbours and don’t hesitate to contact the Police on 999 if you see a burglary occurring.

You can do a lot to reduce the risk of your home been targeted,

  • Always leave your home appearing to be occupied, a couple of timer sockets to turn a lamp or two on and off once it gets dark, and think twice before advertising that you will be away (at an event or on holiday) on social media.
  • Ensure all ground floor windows and any upper floor windows reachable from a flat roof are closed, and doors are securely locked as you go out. (in one recent burglary the intruder was prepared to climb onto a conservatory so as to get in through an open upper window).
  • Motion activated lighting at the front of the house is a deterrent to intruders, as they don’t want to be visible to your neighbours or passing traffic.
  • Ensure that opportunist burglars can’t just stroll into your rear garden by keeping gates shut and locked.
  • Keep items that could be used to break into your home such as ladders, tools and wheelie bins stored securely away.
  • If you are fortunate enough to possess expensive jewellery be discrete about sharing images of it on social media and keep it stored in a hidden security safe out of view of casual visitors to your home.

For more advice on how to keep your home safe, visit the Thames Valley Police website.



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